About Us

Always there when you need us

The Swickard Agency is an independent insurance agency that focuses on individual and group health insurance, including Medicare supplemental and long-term care insurance. Renee Swickard has been selling insurance since 1996 and the Swickard Agency has been in business since 2002. Nicole McWiiliams has been licensed to sell insurance since 2007. We advise you about which plan is best for you. We tell a lot of people to keep what they’ve got if it is better than our plans. Insurance is more complex than people realize. You can enroll in a plan and have no idea what you’ve bought. We would prefer people call so that we can explain the ins and outs of the policies. For example, people don’t realize that most individual health insurance plans don’t cover maternity or mental health and that prescription coverage may not be offered. You need somebody to help you through all this unless you want to spend hours studying insurance, which most people don’t.


Renee has been in the health insurance business in Roswell since moving back in 1996. She founded the Swickard Agency, Inc in 2002.


Nicole became licensed in 2007 as a health, life and accident producer and is now a Swickard Agency, Inc. partner.

Renee or Nicole will work with you to customize a health insurance plan to meet the needs of you, your family or business. We promise excellent customer service with no pressure. Call to make an appointment or just drop by our office. As independent agents, we will show quotes from various insurance carriers and help you find the plan that is best for you. If you are declined for health insurance, we can help you obtain insurance through one of the New Mexico High Risk Pools. We can also help with Medicare supplemental and long-term care insurance.